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John LaMendola,

Director of Choral Music, BHS

Artistic Director, BHS Drama


List of Courses and Syllabi


General Chorus


Chorus is open to any student in grades 9-12 who likes music and who likes to sing. The chorus performs at the December Holiday Concert and the Spring Choral Concert. This course may be taken each year.


General Chorus Syllabus


Special Chorus


The BHS Special Chorus is a select group that performs difficult choral literature. The group performs an average of 15 times each year in school concerts and for community groups. This course may be taken each year. 

Prerequisite: By audition

Special Chorus Syllabus


Music Appreciation I


Emphasis is placed on developing listening skills with a focus on musical genres from Blues to Rock. The culture and historical events of the decades bewteen 1920's-2000's will be examined to show their impact on music around the world.


M. A. I Syllabus


Music Appreciation II


Emphasis is placed on developing listening skills and an appreciation for many types of music. This involves the study of music history and listening to the works of famous musicians and composers.

Prerequisite: Music Appreciation I

MA II Syllabus




Musical Theatre


The Musical Theatre course is designed to expose student to a wide range of skills, techniques, and knowledge of all aspects of music theatre.  Students will develop their acting, movement, and performance techniques as a result of completing this course. This course runs semester II, as it also functions as a stage tech class for our Spring Musical. Students taking this course will produce the Spring Musical, learning how to "put on a show".

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