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Joining the Remind Group will signify your participation in the Cabaret.


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Important! Please Read!


All solo or group acts MAY be added to, shortened or even changed. It is Director’s choice.

In addition, at any point, a member of the ensemble may be added to your piece.


    Rehearsal Schedule to come by the end of this week


Fall Cabaret Cast List

(in random order)




Madison Vettorino

Natalia Androz

Daisy Stott

Sarah Baldwin

Justin Weigel

Alex Tedesco

Jake Sleich and Gillian Chiafari

Maddy Oldham

Anna Bishop

Kellyann Lennon

Zoe DiPinto and Emma Hue

Rachel Blumberg, Marissa Detlor, Nicole Hamilton, Jordann Wrubel

Katrina Brooks

Kevin Sayour, Grant Abelson, Matt Soyland

Rebecca D’Andrea

Robert Knippel

Alyanna Gallo

Julie DeLucia

Melissa McCabe

Stephen Moores

Daisy Lowe

Sam LaMendola

Kim Hancock

Thomas Dillon

Lauren Gardner

Kristin Burnell

Noele Zeichik




Mira Zyali, Alexis Bilcik, Natasha Radtke, Baylee Hallas, Amanda Higley, Alyssa Ciancio, Kristen Rossi, Jonathan Sweeney, Purvi Dudhedia, Danielle Calabrese, Scott Brown, Erin Garvey, Brianna Schenk, Kim Dallar, Brooke Eannarino

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